We strongly believe that giving the best assistance and service and building and maintaining long term relationships is the key factor for our growth. The history and experience of our Partners proves this. We believe that the client is “forever” and it is never a one shot deal.

Our approach is to build a work team, both inside our firm and with the client. This is our idea of maximum advantage.

Our process

  • A full understanding of the client’s organization, company culture, operating models and needs
  • An accurate analysis of all sources, including our proprietary database, aimed at targeting companies and positions to investigate
  • Face-to-face interviews and individual assessments
  • Confidential reports for all shortlisted candidates detailing their professional achievements and proving their matching with the job profile
  • Clients’ interviews to candidates at the presence of our Partner who can better support their introduction and mutual acquaintance
  • Support in financial negotiation to conclude a rapid and efficient hiring process.

The entire team works with the client

It takes a unique team of people, a unique combination of processes and technologies to reach the best results and create the maximum advantage and opportunity. Our specialized staff researches candidates not only through the social network but also through personal references and other sources. We have an infrastructure which allows our team to share information with our clients in the shortest period of time.

A dedicated researcher, a personalized solution

A specialist will work directly with the client during the entire recruitment process.

An effective and efficient process

The ability to move rapidly is a plus during the search for a Manager. Our system combines advanced technology with a tradition of personal relationships with candidates, clients and sources.