Our relationship with each Candidate is special.

During the selection process we make sure we can guarantee the best match between Client and Candidate.

We supply the necessary support during the entire search process to ensure your professional success now and in the long run.

Getting to Know you deeply

Each Candidate will go through an initial detailed phone interview and screening process, followed by a personal meeting. Our Partners will dedicate all the necessary time to acquaint themselves with you and your experience, needs, objectives, dreams and ideal career. This personal knowledge allows the Partners to focus and identify the best opportunities for you, meeting your needs and talent, as well as matching with the client’s needs.

Assistance during the whole recruitment process

Candidates are not just a name in a database! Each candidate will be assisted during the entire process and we will help to optimize and perfect your resume. We will also assist you with suggestions for the interviews, the negotiation of financial terms and with selecting which references and information to provide the client subject to your prior approval.

Wide range of companies and opportunities

We can submit to you a wide range of opportunities thanks to our clients. We dedicate a great deal of time getting to know the client  needs, as well as the ideal candidate searched since we want every recruitment to become a success.

Be successful today and tomorrow

We want you to be successful once you start your new career. After you have been hired in your new position we keep in touch with you and the client on a regular basis and we request a feedback from both during the first period of employment.