Networking: we promote the network between candidates and business organizations by connecting professional skills, companies, ideas.

Speed: the ability to be fast is a competitive strength in the search of managers and professionals. Our structured process combines advanced technology with a tradition of relationships with candidates, company representatives and other sources. This allows us to offer quality and speed in the research process, as well as to provide effectiveness and results.

Innovation: we spread culture, knowledge and innovation in HR through innovative tools, partnerships and projects that look at the future.

Integration: we believe in the synergy between business skills, market knowledge, IT and digital technology and we contribute to the evolution of the professions. We promote opportunities for professional development for managers and professionals through our research projects.

Method: The executive search services we offer to our clients include:

  • Clear understanding of clients’ organization, of their history, culture, operational models and related needs
  • Use of the internal database and accurate analysis of all other sources. This has the purpose to define a list of “companies and target positions” to examine (mapping activities)
  • Direct interviews and personalized evaluations
  • Confidential reports for all candidates in line with the searched profile, with his/her professional outcomes and adequacy to the position
  • Client-Candidate meetings with a Keystone Partner in order to better introduce the profile
  • Support in the final contract negotiation to guarantee a quick and effective hiring process

We constantly share information with the client in a logic of continous dialogue and feedback.

Human Capital & Talent Management

In addition to the Executive Search we also provide consultancy in the field of Human Capital and Talent Management:

  • Assessment Center: provides a new vision of competences in relation to organizational needs
  • Development Center: aims at helping to find out strengths and improvement points and to develop a personal growth plan.
  • On Boarding Program: provides for customized programs for new employees in order to facilitate their integration within the company in an effective way and meeting the expectations.
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